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We provide financial advisory services to shipping companies.


The members of our team have been involved in financing transactions for shipping companies in excess of USD 8bn.


Through our extensive network of financial institutions, we are able to provide shipowners with tailor made financing solutions. Our network is comprised of shipping banks, European and Asian leasing houses, investment banks and investors.


Our goal is to provide owners with the most appropriate and most attractive financing for each of their project. Depending on the project, we can arrange the financing of shipping and offshore assets through:

  • Traditional bank loans
  • Leasing structures (operating or financial leases)
  • Export credit agency backed loans/bonds
  • Bonds and Term Loan B
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Hybrid debt instruments
  • Private equity
  • Capital markets

Our Finance Desk is able to offer quality services and meet the demanding and specific expectations of the shipping market. The services provided include:

  • The evaluation of each individual project according to the specific needs of each shipowner
  • Continuous market sounding and short listing of the appropriate financing solution
  • Negotiations with financiers in order to achieve the optimal terms for the client
  • Close monitoring of the documentation process and intervention if and when necessary
  • Post financing monitoring of the transaction