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T.J. GIAVRIDIS MARINE SERVICES CO. LTD. are proud to announce their cooperation with SMDERI, the Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute, for the promotion of the company's Scrubber solution in Greece.


SMDERI is a State Owned Research Institute, part of China Shipbuilding Industry Company (CSIC), that has in 2019 merged with CSSC to form the "China State Shipbuilding Corporation", the world's largest Shipbuilding Conglomerate.



Part of a large organization with shipping in it's DNA, SMDERI, have been established internationally as a Leading Vendor of products and solutions, based on their strong R&D capacity. SMDERI's main business departments of expertise are: diesel engines, stirling engines, power system integration, ship automation systems, energy service and energy saving & environmental protection equipment, the latest of which has developed a well established scrubber solution for the Marine Industry.


SMDERI was established in 1963 and today occupies close to 3000 employees, out of who, over 1000 are skilled professional and technical personnel. The company's revenue in 2018 was 680 mil USD.


only marine emission laboratory in China, that has been used to develop the company's Class Approved prototype.



SMDERI have been developing land based prototypes since 2011 for both "U type" and "I type" (Hybrid) EGCS. These prototypes are located at the SMDERI's marine emission lab in Shanghai. They are inspectable and have both received DNV-GL & CCS Certificates, before the company introduced it's products to the market. Until today over 180 orders have been placed and all installed systems have received class approval without any problems and during ship's first trial.

Land Based Prototypes





SMDERI offer both "I-TYPE" and "U-TYPE" Systems, in order to be able to meet ship specific limitations and needs. Also Open loop, Hybrid, Hybrid ready and Closed Loop options are available and have been delivered to ship-owners worldwide.




Designed to work

From the design and sizing of the system, to the choice of materials, SMDERI has developed a System destined to work and to last. It is indicative that 100% of the Systems installed up to date, have passed Sea Trials and received Class Approval, on one only go, saving clients of cost, time and effort.





Equipment Choice is from Market leaders, including Desmi, KSB and Iron pumps. Exhaust gas Sensors are normally made by Sick or Vimex and water quality sensors are made by Chelsea and SIGRIST. Automation is developed by SMDERI's own Automation business unit, which makes it very versatile and adaptive to ship specific requirements.




Reference list

SMDERI have a reference list comprising of 188 Vessels Retrofits and Newbuilds. SMDERI Scrubbers have been chosen and developed for Container Vessels (from 2500 TEU up to 19000 TEU Ships), Bulk Carriers (Kamsarmax up to VLOC sizes), Oil/Product Tankers (LR1, Aframax, Suezmax and VLCCs), as well as VLGCs

Reference Clients



Technical Support that speaks your language

On technical levels, SMDERI is supported in Greece by GLAFCOS Marine. Glafcos as Naval Architects and Consultants, are one of the first offices to get involved with Sox Emission Reducing Technologies in Greece. They have deep knowledge and experience in Scrubber retrofits for ships of various types and sizes, as well as various makers. Glafcos have been involved in the development of the SMDERI Solution from it's early stages and are able to provide valuable technical support to owners and clients of SMDERI.




We believe we are offering an unmatched combination of experience, services and products, based on true knowledge and expertise in scrubbers, gained on the field. We hope it will be useful and interesting and look forward to receiving your inquiries.