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We are pleased to inform you of our latest representation agreement for the Greek market with the port and voyage repair specialist company NAPROSERVICE , based in Niteroi – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil serving all mayor ports in Brazil.


NAPROSERVICE OFFSHORE ESTALEIROS DO BRAZIL LTDA., was founded in 1988 in Niteroi where the central offices, workshops and training centers are based to this day. The company provides general ship repairs in port, afloat and off-shore to all classes and sizes of ships and is available for all planned or emergency repairs & maintenance projects. The company has the facilities, the skills and the experience to undertake the most challenging ship repair mechanical overhauling & maintenance with reliability and at competitive prices. The repair teams quickly mobilize and deploy to every location with fully equipped trucks, included portable welding gear and a full complement of tools. Privately owned and operated work boats and mobile cranes are available when required.

Services offered include:

  • Machining Service (At the workshops).
  • Machining Service (In situ machining).
  • Stern tube seals overhauling or replacing by bonding procedure type, lip seals.
  • Equipment alignment control and respective chocking with resin or Vibracon chocks.
  • Chocking of equipment with CHOCKFAST philadelphic resin or EPOCAST.
  • Diesel engines’ maintenance/overhauling and general rigs and vessels equipment maintenance / repairs / overhauling (pumps, compressors, heating coolers, valves, turbo chargers, etc.).
  • Services at tunnel thrusters, azimuth thrusters, controllable pitch propellers, fixed pitch propellers, shaft lines, rudder system services.
  • Special services in steel works and welding at materials such as bronze, aluminum, copper and stainless steel.
  • Full recovering of parts (metallizing, chromizing, etc.).
  • General ship repair in port, afloat and off-shore
  • Steel repairs and plate work
  • Underwater services (inspection, removal and installation of thrusters).


NAPROSERVICE is the authorized service partner in Brazil for a wide range of equipment manufacturers. Further information available upon request.



We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries which will be treated as always by our experienced staff with the greatest care and attention.


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