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T.J. Giavridis Marine Services is a dynamic organization which provides integrated and value added services to the shipping sector. With the global network of principals represented, the company offers a wide range of services to fleet operating companies based in Greece.


T.J. Giavridis Marine Services' commitment to its clients is based on a clear and thorough evaluation of the volatile market realities and trajectories followed by a constant striving to provide them with choice and optimal technical and operational solutions.


In the three decades that T.J. Giavridis Marine Services is operating, the prioritization of honesty, integrity and reliability rather than easy profit, carefully balancing the needs of our principals and our clients, which has been widely acknowledged by both, gained for us the standing of a respected enterprise in the Hellenic market making our name synonymous with trust. Rather than just standing as a representative soliciting business for our principals or a mere broker handling inquiries from our clients, we have gained the position of a partner for both.


Over this period of operation, T.J. Giavridis Marine Services has managed through the maintenance of a literally global network of service providers to stand as a consultant for principals and clients alike offering expert advice on as well as solutions for the increasingly complicated technical and operational challenges faced by ship managers in the contemporary market wherever their vessels may be trading in the world.